The “root cause” of about 95% of all health issues is poor blood flow.

BEMER has been clinically proven in independent laboratories as the BEST method known today to substantially increase blood flow. Exercise can help increase blood flow about 5 – 7%, PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) devices about 7 – 10%; but nothing comes close to achieving the approximate 30% increase in blood flow like BEMER provides (with no side effects). Substantially increasing blood flow feeds and nourishes and oxygenates trillions of cells in your body; removes more toxins and waste products; and allows your body to correct itself, heal on its own and perform at its best. This requires sitting on the BEMER matt for only 8 minutes two times a day seven days a week.


  • Is a “Breakthrough Medical Technology”
  • Is a 20 year debt free company
  • has over 1 million enthusiastic daily users in Europe
  • has 5 broad International Patents
  • is German designed/engineered and Swiss manufactured
  • has over 40 Published Medical Papers and Journals
  • is being used daily by over 4,000 Clinics and Hospitals in Europe
  • has over 1,000 Professional and Olympic Athletes using it daily
  • is a FDA Class II Medical Device in over 40 other countries including the USA
  • recently signed an agreement with NASA to use BEMER technology in our Space Program
  • is the Recipient of several design awards (i.e.; Red Dot award)
  • is Sold in 45 countries today and relatively new to the USA