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How do our bodies operate and what is the importance of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Devices?

PEMFs exist as a technologic category of devices (different brands / different frequency settings)…but this group of *wellness tools* is evolving quick and gaining in popularity. PEMFs heighten oxygen uptake within every cell of an exposed human’s body. Enhanced O2 uptake means that your body’s metabolism improves. Also, PEMF exposed cells in your body receive the blood and nutrients necessary for healing. PEMF units direct rapid but intermittent magnetic impulses through tissue—which stimulates cellular repair (for review, [1]). This therapy can be used on a concentrated area of the body or on the body as a whole.

Our bodies have 100 trillion cells within them. Cells are healthy / happy when they are both nourished and detoxified. Slow or low blood perfusion in our microvessels sets an occasion for chronic disease development. Here’s some good news: PEMF therapy actually acts to ‘flush’ microvessels. Said differently, the PEMF intensifies blood and lymph circulation. With blood pumping more efficiently, and lymph flowing more readily, body cells eliminate toxins. This is because transiently absorbed electromagnetic energy—much like a physiochemical catalysts–intervenes in and ACTIVATES biological processes [2].


So… just what is this “PEMF Therapy” that has changed the lives of many  and how does it work?

Each cell in your body has a magnetic field surrounding itself. This is the same magnetic field that doctors measure when they do an EKG or EEG. Cells function by pulling oxygen and nutrients in through the cell membrane to metabolize as energy and pushing waste and toxins out. This in and out process is what creates the magnetic field “charge” around each cell.

PEMF therapy uses a pulsing magnetic field to recharge cells.

Science has proven that damaged, weak cells caused by stress, overuse, environmental toxins, poor nutrition, age, or injury have an imbalanced electrical charge (like that of a low battery)and are the route cause in many diseases and chronic pain.

When the voltage of a cell is compromised, the cell membrane loses permeability, oxygen and nutrients cannot flow into the cell, and waste and toxins start accumulating inside the cell. The body’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself slows down and physical dysfunction such as inflammation manifests. 

 “Thus chronic disease and cancer is always defined by low voltage.”
 Grapes or Raisins?

 Think of a healthy cell as a fresh grape; round, soft and plump. Once a healthy cell “or grape” starts to lose its charge, it becomes more like a “raisin”. The cell membrane becomes impermeable, cells start clumping together and inflammation sets in.

Have you ever had a painful knot in your back? This is just a bunch of unhealthy cells that have clumped together.

The pulsing magnetic field from a PEMF device turns on and then off, many times a second in what is called the frequency. This magnetic field is attracted to unhealthy cells (the raisins, lacking in magnetic field) and goes right around the healthy cells (the grapes) because they have an established magnetic field around them. It’s like when you cannot put two magnets together! Similarly, the pulsing magnetic field only interacts with the lower charged cells.

When the PEMF device pulses “on” the unhealthy cell expands, when it is “off” the cell relaxes. This action acts like “cellular exercise”. The stretching and relaxing opens the cell membranes and improves the cell’s permeability.

This allows the cell to release pent-up waste and toxins (detox) and bring in fresh oxygen and nutrients. The in and out process resumes, recreating the energy or “charge” of the cell. And the newly charged cell no longer interacts with the magnetic field created by the PEMF device as the magnetic field of the machine goes right around it.

The natural way a cell is recharged is through exposure to the earth’s magnetic field and a PEMF device is simply replicating nature.
This is a way to improve your own life and a drug-free way to get out of pain.

How do you use the device?

All you have to do is lie down on the device for 8 minutes once or twice a day. If you want to use the device on a specific body part, many PEMF devices boast an additional ‘area specific’ or focused PEMF accessory. The area specific PEMF accessory can be held over injured or inflamed body parts (e.g., inflamed or swollen knee/ ankle). A stressed or injured region of the body engages immunologic repair mechanisms more quickly due to positive changes in microcirculation, vasomotion, venous outflow, and oxygen utilization [3].

Are there Psychic or BioSocial Applications for PEMF units?

Lots of citizens in today’s fast paced society succumb to stress, then experiencing depression. Did you know that electromagnetic field therapies elevate a person’s mood [4]? Mounting anecdotal evidence suggests that the specific PEMF device we are willing to SHARE (come to the Natural Medicine Center) has a mood elevating effect.

What else are PEMF units useful for?

Beyond putting more bounce in your steps, preclinical evidence has also made manifest a positive effect of PEMF devices on wound healing and inflammation in eye tissues [5]. Moreover, PEMF units assist with kidney difficulties [6], and with arthritis pain/ swelling [7]. With PEMFs – You’ll Rest Easier

Sleep promotes health, right? When you regularly expose yourself to PEMF, you will sleep better. If you took the bold step to become a PEMF owner, you too would be able to sleep all night on this WONDERFUL device.  Click on this link below to see how to energize your cells without the use of drugs and side effects and to dramatically improve your health.

Please contact us for a free session, and to hear the membership details of our clinic for monthly usage.





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