Dawn Martin

Dawn Martin is the Founder and CEO of Alternative Health Systems and has been in the alternative health care business for over 10 years. Over the years, she has aligned her work with other like-minded practitioners and healthcare professionals in order to expand the reach of these scientific breakthroughs and new approaches to preventative health. These approaches allow the body to operate at optimum levels of performance often negating the need for other treatments. Dawn has aligned herself with Dr. Bain and Dr. Kiesel to work with a large patient population that can benefit from these approaches in the Tampa Bay market. Dawn and Dr. Bain combine the Stem Cell therapy with a non-invasive pain-free vascular therapy that significantly increases the positive results. The therapy is called the “BEMER” The approaches they take for prevention are science based and clinically proven with 20 years of clinical science behind them and are providing significant results to their patients.

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