Dr. Vicent Kiesel

Dr. Vincent Kiesel of Tarpon Springs welcomes each patient to his office for orthopaedic treatment with a focus on personalized patient care, always performed by Dr. Kiesel himself. You will never find yourself in anyone else’s care, other than Dr. Kiesel, which allows you to build a relationship with your doctor – one built on mutual respect and professionalism.

Dr. Kiesel’s office, specializes in non-surgical treatments of diseases in major joints, including the knee, hip and shoulder. He also provides fracture care and treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. As one of the most experienced joint replacement surgeons in the area, patients and their loved ones can trust that Dr. Kiesel provides state-of-the-art orthopaedic treatments. The Doctor is a pioneer in the field of minimally invasive (MIS) joint replacement surgery. As one of the first surgeons in the area to perform minimally invasive joint replacement surgery, Dr. Kiesel has continually expanded his knowledge on the technique from its beginning, making him an expert in the field.

Dr. Kiesel received his Doctor of Medicine degree from New York Medical College. His surgical residencies include one year at the Cleveland Clinic and one year at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, where he completed his four year Orthopaedic Residency. Dr. Kiesel served four years as Chief of the Orthopaedic Department, while serving as a Major in the United States Air Force, while in Langley, Virginia. Dr. Kiesel is Board Certified and is a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. He served two years as Chief of Surgery at the Helen Ellis Hospital (now Florida Hospital North Pinellas), as well as completing two terms as Chief of Medical Staff at Helen Ellis Hospital.

Dr. Kiesel spends the necessary time with his patients to assess their needs and ensure the best care possible. From the initial exam and consultation to your diagnosis and treatment – you will always deal with Dr. Kiesel. There are never physician assistants substituting in his place; as a patient of Dr. Kiesel, you always receive treatment from your personal doctor.

Patient Frances Brown says, “Dr. Vincent Kiesel is excellent in his line of work. He immediately put me at ease because he has such a caring demeanor. I am receiving knee replacement surgery and after our first consultation, I knew Dr. Kiesel would be my first choice in surgeons.”

Dr. Kiesel’s other patients have given him five star ratings with reviews that applaud his efficiency, timeliness with appointments, ease of scheduling, office cleanliness, staff friendliness and overall professionalism. Patient reviews state, “Dr. Kiesel spends the appropriate time a doctor should with you as a patient and much of that time is spent listening to and providing answers to your questions.” Another says, “The level of trust in Dr. Kiesel’s expertise and decision making when it comes to treatment amounts to five stars. He truly helps each patient understand their condition and what will best help them in the long run.”

Dale Massad, MD has been working with Dr. Kiesel since 1985 as a referring physician, as well as using Dr. Kiesel as his own personal orthopaedic specialist. Dr. Massad shares, “I’ve got very bad knee problems and I’ve had troubles since a football injury as a kid. I began reading literature on knee health and the best techniques for healing years ago. I began injection treatments with Dr. Kiesel seven months ago and my knee pain is completely gone. Surgery was not something I wanted to do, so I chose to research other options. The first step I took was finding my orthopaedic specialist – Dr. Kiesel – whom I chose because I thoroughly trust him and his expertise.

“The second step was to try out anti-inflammatory relief. Once anti- inflammatory treatment did not get the job done, I chose to try steroids. After trying those options with no relief, your next choice is to try stem cell injections or receive surgery. I prefer to do everything I can to help myself before choosing an option that is irreversible, such as surgery. Dr. Kiesel helped me out with injections and I have had no pain since.”

Dr. Massad’s opinion is one backed with experience and knowledge. He was the head of Emergency Room at Mease Countryside Hospital, where he worked with many great orthopaedic doctors. Dr. Massad says, “I choose Dr. Kiesel as my orthopaedic doctor because he is the type of doctor who cares about people, not money. He cares, his bedside manner is impeccable, he is good at what he does and his results are great. As his friend, I love him because he’s a great person. As his patient, I love him because he is a great doctor. I’d choose him every time.”

Dr. Kiesel not only specializes in non-surgical treatment of all joints, he specializes in the values behind what it means to be a good doctor – one-on-one care, patient consideration, professionalism and a truly caring attitude that lets his patients know they really matter to him. He is a pioneer in his approach to stem cell therapy, helping his patients to have positive outcomes in pain relief, using the best in cutting edge, innovative technologies.

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